New Trends

Shpiegel Architects is a buoyant and dynamic studio that specializes in architecture, interior design and urban renewal.

The studio was founded in 2007 by Ron Shpigel, a graduate of Ariel University's architecture department, headed by Saadia Mandel.

Ron founded "Shpigel Architects" after a three year apprenticeship at Mandel's architecture studio, and has since spearheaded a wide variety of building projects, including design and planning of luxury villas, residential buildings, TMA 38 projects, commercial and industial complexes and horse ranches.

We believe that good architecture is realized within the smallest of details, and depends first and foremost on humane planing and intelligent material compliance.

The path towards realizing the dream begins by fulfilling the client's wishes and demands through apt budget planning, while applying advanced building techniques, crearive solutions and the utmost attention to every detail and component.